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Vacancies: Software Developer (SalesForce)

Vacancy Details

Vacancy Name:
Software Developer (SalesForce)
Vacancy Type:
Suburb And City:
Expected Starting Date :
Number Of Positions:

Job Specification

Job Name:
SalesForce Developer
Reports to:
Software Architect
IT & Telecommunications
Minimum Education:
    A relevant tertiary IT Qualification
Job description
We're not looking for a Salesforce developer. Well actually we are, but we don't expect to find any. That's because there is a major skills shortage in this very fast growing segment of the software industry. That shortage is your opportunity to make a move from traditional development to building apps on the world's #1 cloud platform.

Yes, in general we avoid writing code whenever we can, but when we reach the limits of the declarative development tools we turn to the power of the underlying object-oriented programming languages (Apex, VisualForce and SOQL) combined with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We build complex bi-directional integrations using REST (and SOAP when we have no choice).
Personal Skills and Attributes:
Enthusiastic and committed
Work with minimal supervision
Work in a team environment
Ability to work under pressure
Delivery focused
Work to tight deadlines
Show initiative
Awareness of environment
Required Experience:
3 + years' software development experience
Experience in SDLC methodologies such AGILE (SCRUM)
Role Overview:
We're looking for ambitious and open minded developers.
Ambitious: so that you can take advantage of learning a new skill set and becoming one of the most sought after specialists in the world.
Open minded: because many will say building software on the platform is not real development or that it is proprietary.
Core Competencies (Technical):
Desired Skills and Experience
Don’t worry, if you can code in C++, C# or Java you're 90% of the way to being proficient in apex. If you know SQL, then SOQL is a breeze (and more powerful). The real skills we need are not language or technology dependent - those things come and go over time, but what really counts are your skills such as:
Problem solving, critical thinking and innovation
System and database design
Ability to work alone and/or in small focused teams
Belief that good code not only works, but is elegant and artful
Customer service orientation
Great OO skills
Solutions design and implementation
Improving the design of existing code
Keep up to date with technology
Ability to Multitask
System design and analysis
Ability to conceptualise and simplify complex problems
Ability to read/write specifications
Good communications skills
Required Experience:
3 + years' software development experience
Experience in SDLC methodologies such AGILE (SCRUM)
Minimum Experience:
3-5 years (Intermediate)

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