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Vacancies: Lead Test Analyst

Vacancy Details

Vacancy Name:
Lead Test Analyst
Suburb And City:
Cape Town
Expected Starting Date :

Job Specification

Job Name:
Lead Test Analyst
Reports to:
Test Manager or Project Manager
Personal Skills and Attributes:
• English Communication Skills (written & verbal)
• Listening Skills
• Task management, prioritization and execution skills
• Work under pressure
• Confident
• Illogical and logical
• Attention to detail
• Organised
• Creative
• Systematic
• Handle stress
• Team player and Leadership
• Analytical
Role Overview:
The Lead Test Analyst has a core responsibility to lead and coordinate testers and/or test analysts and report to management. This is the ideal role to become an effective and efficient assistance test manager or test manager as this role is introduced to the politics and people challenges. This role extensively depend on leadership and communication.

Software systems are an integral part of our lives today and most people have had an experience when software does not work as it is supposed to. When software does not work it can lead to many problems such as loss of money, time, business reputation, and could even cause injury or death.

Responsible for the planning, analysis, design and coordinating execution of the testing effort, including defect management and reporting. Works under the supervision of a Test Manager or Project Manager.
• Technical leadership for the Test Program, including the test approach
• Support for customer/user interface, test-tool introduction, test planning, Tester supervision and cost and progress status reporting
• Verifying the quality of the requirements, including testability, requirement definition, test design, test-script and test-data development, test automation, Test-script configuration management and test execution
• Interaction with test tool vendor to identify best ways to leverage test tool on the project
• Staying current on latest test approaches and tools and transferring this knowledge to the test team
• Conducting test design and test-procedure walk thorough and inspections
• Implementing test process improvements resulting from lessons learned and benefits surveys
• Creating or establishing the requirements trace-ability matrix (tracing the test cases to the test requirements)
• Test process implementation
• Ensuring that test product documentation is complete
Minimum Experience:
3-5 years (Intermediate)

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