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Vacancies: Android and iOS Developers required for exciting assignments

Vacancy Details

Vacancy Name:
Android and iOS Developers required for exciting assignments
Western Cape
Vacancy Type:
Suburb And City:
Cape Town
Expected Starting Date :

Job Specification

Job Name:
Android and iOS Developers
IT & Telecommunications
What we will expect from you:

• Work as part of the DVT Mobile team (Android and/or IOS) at our office in Cape Town, or at client sites in the Cape Peninsula when required. (You will have a massive say in preferred location)
• Take a lead role on multi-platform mobile projects that include android developers, iOS developers and front-end developers
• Optimize, develop and implement web services
• Implement and maintain best practice change management and source control standards across platforms
• Provide support on completed mobile solutions
• Participate in other Java projects when required
Personal Skills and Attributes:
At Dynamic Visual Technologies, we have a reputation for going the extra mile to keep our employees happy…Just ask any of our current employees, and even our ex-employees! Some of which have returned to us after discovering that nowhere else were they treated as well as they were at DVT. We are always looking for experienced Java Developers but right now we are specifically looking for mobile developers who want to grow their skills and experience long term with us. We can offer ongoing development in the mobile development sphere…
Minimum Required skill set:

• At least 2-3 years core Java (for Android) or Swift/Obj.C (for iOS) with at least 6 – 12 months working on either mobile platform
• Experience in CI (Continuous Integration) and TDD (test-driven development)
• Solid background in Object-Oriented analysis and design
• Solid understanding of the software development process (full life cycle) and its best practices
• Ability to work in a team

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