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Vacancies: Service Delivery Manager

Vacancy Details

Vacancy Name:
Service Delivery Manager
Vacancy Type:
Suburb And City:
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Job Specification

Job Name:
Service Delivery Manager
Minimum Education:
    • National Diploma (Information Technology)
    • BSc (Computer Science) or
    • BCom (Informatics or Information Systems) or
    • BTech in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology with
    • Project Management training / certification (preferred) or
    • Business Analysis training / certification (preferred) or
    • Agile training / certification (preferred)
Role Overview:
The successful individual is comfortable in engaging with stakeholders at all levels of an organization and recognizes the significance of communication and stakeholder management as one of the key skills required by the Service Delivery Manager. He/she illustrates clear understanding of what the business needs are and how to optimize delivery of services to meet these needs. He/she passionately lives the belief that superior service delivery not just enables business, but will increasingly become one of the key drivers of successful 21st century businesses.
Core Competencies (Technical):
• Presentation and Facilitation Skills
• Attention to detail
• Strong critical thinker with problem solving aptitude
• Technical Writing Skills
• Basic Project Management Skills
• MS Office
The Service Delivery Manager is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the business analysis services and the quality of the artefacts produced through this service. He/she establishes policies and procedures to ensure consistently high service performance, monitors employees and evaluates customer feedback to develop quality improvement processes.
The successful candidate must possess high level of business acumen, negotiation skills, clear insight into the project management discipline to be able to track and extract progress made by business analysts on the artefacts they are tasked to produce.

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